frontend developer

accessibility statement

Wrote on 1 June 2008; last revision on 9 July 2015

The importance of web accessibility

I designed this website in an accessible way to promote accessibility to companies and public entities, to inform about the importance of this context towards all users. I made this choice for fairness, ethics and professional passion. I wanted to give disabled and non disabled people a reference point for web accessibility.

browsing accessible to all users

This website is navigable by any type of users with any device you use. There are no barriers of any kind, which generally preclude web browsing for disabled people.

technology used for the project

I created the website in HTML5 and CSS3, written entirely by hand and both validated with the W3C tools. I have implemented some JS scripts to obtain particular visual and functional effects. I designed this site by analyzing the contents and texts, written in a way that they can be readable and understandable to anyone. I designed and created clear, clean and minimal graphics that allow contents to be the real focal point. The whole website is characterized by correct semantics of the code. If you are interested in the features of this design, I recommend you read how to create websites.

test carried out

I followed the design principles to create accessible material on the web as required by WCAG 2.0. On this site I carried out crossbrowser, cross-platform and accessibility tests to be as safe as possible that truly all users could access correctly.

Despite the attention put in this regard, there is always the possibility that something has escaped my tests. I invite site visitors to report, with suggestions and feedback, any context that could improve the service.