frontend developer

create websites

pursue a goal

A website is not to be considered a showcase of own products, but a real channel of communication and sales to own customers. To correctly create websites, you need to be focused about the objectives you want to achieve and what your target audience is. Using my web designer knowledge, I follow specific paths to achieve the set goals and obtain professional results.

correctly design

I dedicate a very important part of the design to the evaluation of the contents of the site, to the positioning of the elements and to the sector of the activity that will have to communicate through the site. In this way I manage to create the appropriate graphics for the sector and the company brand, and to use the most suitable technologies for the web project.

collaboration with the customer

The customer (or dedicated project manager) actually contributes to the development of the web project, and collaboration between us is essential. The first interview with the client allows me to understand what his needs are. Good communication decreases realization times, facilitates development and guarantees the expectations regarding the web project.

Collection and evaluation of the material

The collection of the material by the customer is the first step to create a successful website. Images and other media content must be carefully chosen and texts written correctly. I support my clients in this first phase and offer assistance in the collection of images (also with photo shoots) and in copywriting (for writing the texts). After valuating the material, I begin to work on the structure of the website, to understand how best to present these content.

information architecture

It is a real science that, related to design, allows you to arrange the contents in the best possible logical order. Place each element in the best visual point for the user. It gives a very intuitive hierarchical structure to the website and perfectly predisposes it to the web usability.

wireframing – elements' positioning

The wireframing phase is the first step in the visual realization of the website. The website's elements are positioned on the basis of the assessments made previously, considering already some contexts of web usability and visual design. In this phase the customer can understand how the contents of the website will be positioned.

mockup – graphic drafts

Mockup is a graphic draft, which allows you to have a good idea of the website final layout. I create a reference mockup for all pages. In this way you can understand what the visual design of each page template will be. I also create mockups for responsive design, so as to understand how the website will look at various resolutions and on smartphones and tablets.

writing the code

Agreeing with the customer step by step, I proceed to write the code to create the website template. I use some frameworks, but I prefer to write most of the HTML and CSS code by hand. In this way I can make the project personalized, flexible, and maintain an extremely clean and light code: an important context also for SEO.

final tests

I consider the final tests of the project a very important phase. I make some of them with the operating systems and devices I have, on different browsers. For more in-depth tests, I use an online service that allows me to test a project on various operating systems, browsers and mobile devices. In this way I always manage to guarantee the maximum compatibility required by the customer.

go online

After the testing phase, and agreed with the customer, the website goes online. All previous steps have benn allow to achieve the best final result. In the following days I remain always on hand to fix any bugs escaped the testing phase. The website is online and visible at any resolution, from any operating system, browsers and device in a correctly and native way. Now you just need to manage communication and new content.