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who i am

personal information

Black and white close-up of Gabriele D'Amato

My name is Gabriele D'Amato, and I was born and live in Bologna. I am a calm and reasonable person, sometimes perhaps a little fussy. This work allowed my creativity, and my being logical at the same time, to find that relief valve that I was looking for in life and that until then had been a little locked up.

In my spare time I like to read a bit of everything, write fantasy and weird stories, play role-playing games, watch movies and TV series. I keep in shape and train my body and my mind with various activities: running, exercises and meditation. I like to get lost in long discussions about many different topics.

my career path

I have a diploma in business management with computer address, but my path as a web designer begins with a convalescence due to illness. I spent 6 months between books and computers, devoting 15 hours a day to studying and experimenting, to learn the fundamentals of web design. The passion for this job has dragged me further, allowing me to specialize in very specific contexts of web design. I worked for 1 year in a web agency in Bologna, to open my own business immediately after. I have worked for clients in Europe, South America and the United States and obviously also in Italy, where most of my current clientele resides. I have been working as a web designer since 2007.

what can i do for you

In recent years I have specialized as a WordPress designer. I prefer to create websites that are clean, usable, well positioned on search engines and actually functional for my customers I offer advice to companies to communicate on the web. If you want to get an idea about my work you can view my portfolio. In the upper and lower parts of this page you will find links to social networks to stay in touch with me. If you need a web designer for your web project, contact me.