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user experience

user satisfaction first of all

User experience is the feeling that users experience browsing a website, and that remains in them even after weeks of browsing it. It is about how they perceive the experience they are experiencing or have lived. A user who browses a website and experiences a positive user experience will be inclined to browse other web pages and above all to return to the same site in the future.

The user experience includes many contexts of web design, such as usability, accessibility, visual design, communication and others. To offer a good user experience we must take it for granted that all the issues mentioned are taken into consideration and implemented, even to a small extent. It is impossible to offer a positive user experience if there are links on our site that lead to non existent pages, if the web usability is lost, if basic principles of web accessibility are lacking, if the website does not provide responsive design, or if a proper communication project is missing.

analyze the target users

To obtain a correct and positive user experience it is essential to evaluate your own target. If you need to communicate for a luxury car brand, you will have to refer to a target of wealthy people who have probably passed the age of 30. If it is necessary to communicate for a t-shirt brand, it is obvious that our target will be teenagers. It is easy to understand that create websites like these involves a completely different planning, design and communication process. For each type of user we will have a particular design, adequate communication and specific written texts.

what make a positive user experience

The main thing is to think of meeting user needs. What should users get on the website? If they are looking for information, it will be necessary to write useful and interesting texts; if they are browsing to evaluate the brand it will be important to somehow capture their attention and communicate positive feelings to them; if they are evaluating a product in order to buy it, it will be necessary to ensure that their purchase path is facilitated.

While doing all this they must not think of anything that is not within their competence: it must be easy to browsing the website and at the end of it they must have reached the goal they had set themselves, remaining satisfied.

While browsing a website, users are affected on an unconscious psychological level. If they have had a good user experience they will be inclined to return on the website when they will need or have the opportunity. They will be happy to share website pages and products on social networks and maybe even talk about it offline with their acquaintances.

If instead they have had difficulty navigating the website, or it has not been useful for them, or finally the experience will not have satisfied them in any way, you can be sure that on the next occasion they will go to look for what they need elsewhere. The user experience allows you to retain users by giving them what they need in the best possible way.