frontend developer

Gabriele Web Designer smiles leaning against an exposed stone wall Gabriele Web Designer smiles leaning against an exposed stone wall

web designer

I am a web designer from Bologna (Italy) and I work mainly as a frontend web developer, creating websites for Italian and foreign clients. I collaborate with some web agencies to realize specific projects, such as ecommerce and information portals.

web design

Web design is mainly planning, not just graphic. The web designer is a planner. He has knowledge of different contexts of web design and uses them to create websites that are pleasing to the eye, technically performing and extremely easy to use for end users.

web languages and specific knowledge

I know very well HTML and CSS. I use some frameworks and preprocessors, but I prefer to write the code by hand (obviously without reinventing the wheel). In the 2013 I have decided to focus only on WordPress, becoming a WordPress designer. I create customized WordPress templates in structure and graphics for my clients.

Considering the use of mobile devices, I take responsive design for granted in my creations. In fact, my design considers the concept of mobile first. This allows to follow a correct design process, validating the website at different resolutions and for smartphones and tablets.

My web design skills lay their foundations on the web usability. In recent years, however, I have deepened studies of information architecture, user experience and graphic interfaces. If you want to understand better what my design process is, read how to create websites.

web designer for passion

When I am not at the pc for work, I am at the pc to find out about the latest trends on the web. Or I am immersed in my studies to deepen my knowledge about some programming languages and other themes.